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Monkey Dooz is on a mission to create magical salon environments for children across the country. Franchise with us to join in the fun and success!

Dear Future Business Owner,

Imagine waking up every day knowing you own a profitable business, supported by a robust brand, that allows you to have the freedom that you've always dreamed of.

Now imagine that you did all of that without having to start from scratch.

This imaginary scenario becomes your reality when you join the party and franchise a Monkey Dooz Kid's Salon and Spa!

Curious? We can't wait to tell you more.

Why Franchise a Monkey Dooz
Kid's Salon & Spa?

  • Cost Effective & profitable





Low Startup Costs

Franchising with Monkey Dooz lowers the financial barrier to entry, making it easier than ever for you to get involved in the franchise and salon worlds. Monkey Dooz locations are easier to start and scale, with a reasonable financial investment that makes sense for you.

Quickly Profitable

Through the expertise of Monkey Dooz and your team of franchising specialists, your franchising opportunity is turnkey. With endeavors like branding, marketing, and the franchising process taken care of by experts, profitability comes more quickly.


Management On Your Own Terms

Franchising a Monkey Dooz is perfect for investors who want to own a business without the day-to-day operational responsibilities. Our franchising opportunities allow for a more flexible lifestyle, so you can manage on your terms.

Extensive Training and Support

New to franchising? No worries! You'll be set up for success with our comprehensive training programs and ongoing support from our experienced advisory board.


Engaging Marketing Strategies

Monkey Dooz has implemented reliable marketing practices that effectively capture and retain a dedicated customer base, and you'll have access to it all. Established brand recognition means you'll draw attention in any market.

Strong Brand Recognition

Leverage the unique nature of the established Monkey Dooz brand, and the recognition that comes with it. We're great at connecting with families looking for a fun, safe, and creative kid's salon experience - your dream clients!


Single Units AND Master Territories Available

Looking to stay local? You're in the right place. Single Unit ownership is the perfect choice for you, and enables you to impact your community. Looking to scale? You're still in the right place! Master Territories offer the potential to manage broader areas, setting you up for substantial growth and influence within the franchise system.

Lead the Market Expansion

Should you choose to become a master territory franchisee, you'll lead the expansion efforts in new regions, establishing a foothold in markets that would thrive with the addition of the innovative Monkey Dooz salon experience. Our team of franchising experts will guide you through the growth.


Monkey Dooz was founded by Karla Vandenberg in Yakima, Washington, and was the first kid's spa in the United States! Their uniquely vibrant salon environment is filled with playful touches that make the salon experience a blast for children. With a range of services from haircuts and custom styles to exclusive party packages, the children at Monkey Dooz always leave with a smile.

In addition to providing a magical salon environment for kids, Monkey Dooz prides themselves on emphasizing the power of education and giving back. Through their services, they raise awareness for endangered species and give to non-profit organizations dedicated to their conservation.

What's Next?

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What do Monkey Dooz customers say?

Everyone who has experienced the joy of Monkey Dooz has great things to say!

Definitely the most fun place to work. I've never had so much fun giving children a reason to smile! Monkey Dooz is the best place for children to learn that they're people too, to give them joy, and to let them know they deserve to have awesome hair! I knew the minute I started there that I had met my sparkling match, and there is nothing like it!

  • Diane H.

This was one of my favorite places when I was younger! I loved getting all pampered and dolled up. Excellent customer service, and overall an excellent experience!

  • Mariah S.

I took my daughters to Monkey Dooz for haircuts, "updooz," and for their birthday parties. Twenty years later, my girls still speak about the wonderful memories and how it helped inspire them to feel better about themselves!

  • Heather B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why franchise?

Teamwork makes the dream work, and when your dream is to own a business, a franchising team will truly make that dream work. When business development efforts like marketing, branding design, and brand reputation are taken care of, you can hit the ground running and meet your success metrics much sooner than in other business models.

How much will it cost?

We pride ourselves on our win-win franchise structure. It's what works for you and what sets your franchise up for success. Speak with a franchising expert to determine an exact financial structure.

Why Choose Monkey Dooz?

Monkey Dooz's established branding and market presence, incredible team, and supportive franchising structure make franchising seamless. But most importantly, choosing Monkey Dooz means choosing to bring fun and magic to children, day-to-day, every day.

How much of a time commitment is owning a franchise?

Being involved in any successful business takes some time from each team member. That being said, our franchising opportunities allow for a more flexible lifestyle, so you can manage on your own terms.

Start Making a Difference

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